Our Story

Brewington Cloth, LLC was created by Tanya Brewington, one of William Brewington’s daughters. William Brewington was the founder and CEO of numerous well-known establishments in Harlem NYC that are iconic and legendary today. The Brewington Cloth products are inspired by establishments owned by my father back in the ’80s and ’90s. We recognize these businesses to honor the man who did it all for his people no matter their race, gender, or religion. He opened doors and opportunities for many people in Harlem. As many have said, Willie was the original Godfather of Harlem and the best that ever did it! Willie was an instant pillar to many families who were not directly related to him. As his daughter, I decided to give him the honor and respect he deserves that some may have forgotten to do while he was still alive. My father, William Brewington, passed away on November 30, 2015, due to Cancer.

My father was also the CEO and owner of Willie's Fast Foods, Willie’s Sneakers, Willies Records, Willie’s Hardware store, Jock’s Place, Willie's Limousine Service, and the 404 Club which were all located in Harlem NYC. William Brewington owned and operated these one-of-a-kinds, iconic establishments that are no longer open or around today. Willie’s life and legacy will forever live on within his children who love and adore him in each of our special ways, the people that knew him, worked for him, and loved him just as his family.

One of my dad’s most memorable establishments was Willie’s Burgers. Willie’s Burgers has been recognized in many movies, music videos, mentioned on radio stations and other platforms to this today. My father was a man with a caring spirit who loved helping others. If anyone needed help, he was the go-to man. Willie shared his heart with many people in need of guidance, he was a father, mentor, confidant, protector, and a man of his word by always following through.

As the daughter who most resembles him and had many of his ways (as most like him as people say), I would love to keep his legacy alive from a true and honest perspective. Although he is no longer with us, he will never be forgotten. Through me, his legacy will forever live on within those who came in contact with him or any of his establishments. Willie was and will always be one of the most realest OG’s that lived in Harlem.