Collection: Willie's Burgers Stand

This spot right here will always be the most iconic, legendary, and hottest spot in Harlem, NYC!. Back in the '80s, people came from all over the world to get a Willie burger and the famous half and half drink. Willie’s Burgers was open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. People came for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night after the clubs and bars were closed. Willie’s Burgers was on the corner of 145th Street and 8th Avenue which was a great location and later opened another Willie’s Burgers spot on 125th street between Convent Avenue and St Nicholas Avenue near M&G’s restaurant. Although we were only a walk-up window type of restaurant, many came to get their food then hang out and chill because this was the happening spot back in the day. Willie also owned the restaurant right next to Willie’s Burgers called Willie’s Restaurant. Willie's Burgers was THE spot to converse and meet people all while standing around listening to mixtapes on a boombox made by yours truly; the world's famous DJ Kid Capri. DJ Kid Capri was camped out on the side of Willie’s Burgers selling his mixtapes on the weekends while Willie’s had a line wrapped around the corner damn near every single night...especially in the summertime! Willie’s Burgers was a one-stop-shop: people got their burgers and copped a mixed tape from one of the hottest DJs in Harlem, Kid Capri. You had to be there to fully understand Willie’s Burgers lifestyle.