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Rooftop Records Hoodie

Rooftop Records Hoodie

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The distinguished RoofTop Roller Skating Rink and Disco was located right under the 155th Street bridge in Harlem, NYC. It had two sides: One side was the skating rink where you could skate or you could just chill, sit and stand around and converse by the front door watching the skaters skate on. The other side was the restaurant where you could sit down, do your thing, and enjoy one of Willie’s famous burgers and fries. There were also delicious home-baked cakes by Mrs. Sara (my mother) and her sister Carrie who ran the kitchen at the famous RoofTop.


We also had the best arcade games! Centipede, Pac Man, and Galaxy, just to name a few, would keep you busy while you enjoy yourself listening to the hottest DJs in Harlem back in the ’80s. What was so legendary about this spot was that it was not like any other roller-skating rink. It had two levels of enjoyment; one level was for the skaters to skate around and listen to the hottest DJ’s in Harlem do their thing and get the crowd hyped and infamous level two because after a certain time, there was a whole new vibe that took the RoofTop to a different type of party. Level two was another one of those types of things you had to be there to fully understand. We took our skates off and

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